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Real Estate

Our commercial real estate investments have run the gamut, from direct and co-investment in projects as diverse as building condominiums in China and educational facilities in Argentina, to acquiring and renovating healthcare facilities, hotels and office buildings, to the acquisition, development and sales of master planned communities all over the USA.


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At the core of our energy related businesses, we formed Reeder Energy Partners as a private, independent exploration and production and petroleum properties management company in 2005 by merging the former Reeder Energy Ltd. with legacy properties owned by the family’s patriarch, H. R. “Bum” Bright. Reeder Energy was designed to carry on his legacy of purchasing, managing and selling minerals and royalties, and we have bought and sold multiple properties in the West Texas Permian Basin, Rocky Mountains, Dakotas, Kansas, Louisiana (on- and off-shore) and along the Texas Gulf Coast. Over time, Reeder Energy assembled and/or has sold well over 250,000 acres of lease and mineral interests, drilled and produced hundreds of oil and gas wells, and actively participated in numerous drilling programs, with both internally generated and external prospects. 

In addition to our legacy royalty and mineral interests, and oil and gas production, Reeder Energy actively invests in and lends to oil and gas related services. We have owned, currently own, use under contract or have acted as a Lender to a broad array of saltwater disposal well operations, drilling mud facilities and water treatment plants located in Texas, Oklahoma and Ohio. We were a seminal investor in LT Energy Services, a provider rental equipment and in-oil field worker accommodation systems to major oil & gas producers, sold in 2014 to B/E Aerospace (Nasdaq:BEAV) for ~$265 million. Complementing these assets is a Reeder-owned FERC regulated natural gas pipeline and compressor station in South Texas. 

Reeder Energy Partners is the cornerstone of the family legacy and has served as the foundation for Reeder Capital Partners’ investments across multiple industries.